More About Me

Change in life is inevitable, so is moving. Scotts' great passion and skill are helping people realize their goals and dreams through Real Estate. He helps customers, through the often lacking skill of listening intently, to find and secure the correct property for them at the correct time.

Scott's career has been about refining the basket of skills that make this possible, being a student of advertising, human nature, and building strong networks throughout the South Tampa and St. Pete markets has put Scott in a great position to help his customers who often become his great friends.

In addition to being a Real Estate Broker, Scott is a father to two beautiful children, adequate husband, frustrated kiteboarder (not enough time), passionate gardener, Russian speaker (fluency improves with a drink), middling gourmet cook, and reluctant world traveler.

Scott studied at Plant High School. Obtained a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Studied abroad for 2 years in Moscow Russia and is now an arduous student of life!

Scott's previous accomplishments

  • Smith’s Top Listing Agent of Single Family Homes in 2010, 2011, 2012 (Most Units Sold)
  • Highest Price Residential Sale in 2012!